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Mizkif is one of the fastest growing streamers on Twitch.  His streaming career began on YouTube in January 2018 when he created his first video Who is Tyler1.  In this video he creates a humorous backstory to loltyler1, a popular League of Legends player.  He went on to create several others for popular streamers including Greekgodx, Ice Poseidon, and Ninja.

Mizkif Meets Ice Poseidon

Following the popularity of his YouTube videos, Mizkif became a widely recognized name in livestreaming.  He visited Ice Poseidon in the summer of 2018 which helped lead to a new business opportunity.  He was asked to be the cameraman on Ice’s second RV trip.  Many viewers praised his camera angles and witty one-liners during the trip.  He also got a chance to meet even more popular streamers while filming in Austin for DreamHack which helped progress his future career as a Twitch streamer.

Mizkif Starts Streaming on Twitch

Following Ice Poseidon’s widely acclaimed RV trip, Mizkif went back home and began streaming on Twitch.  As an avid World of Warcraft player, he jumped on the hype for the release of the WoW’s newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth.  During this time he was averaging  several hundred viewers.  His strong chat interaction and cult following helped him recruit viewers from more popular WoW streamers including Sodapoppin, McconnellRet, and Asmongold.

As the hype for WoW died down, Mizkif sought other means to gain viewers on stream.  One of his early methods was playing Marbles on Stream.  This is a game where Twitch users can race each other as marbles on various maps.  This was very popular among his viewers and he would often give out prizes like “mod for the day” among winners.  

Mizkif streams consistently in the Just Chatting section, even breaking the top 20 most watched channel in the category.   This allows him to interact with other streamers including Erobb221, ComedyRussell, and Lacari.  Many of his top clips originate from this section and it helps solidify Mizkif as a personality streamer.

Rise in Popularity

Mizkif continuously strives to improve his stream and it is evident in his growth on Twitch.  According to Twinge.tv over the past 90 days Mizkif has gained over 1000 average viewers and almost 30000 followers.  As of January 2019, he’s been nearing 2000 concurrent viewers which is steadily rising each day.  He typically streams 40 hours a week between 4 PM PT – 1 AM PT.  

mizkif twinge stats

The Future of Mizkif

It’s been one year since Mizkif released his first video on his YouTube channel.  He’s gone from a regular Twitch viewer just wanting to make funny videos, to a Twitch livestreamer with over 3000 subs.  His story reveals how anyone with a love for Twitch, an entertaining personality, and long hours put into their stream can become a full-time streamer in less than a year.  

You can watch Mizkif live on Twitch and follow his Twitter for updates.

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