Greekgodx Returns to Streaming on Twitch

Greekgodx Returns to Streaming on Twitch

After over a two month break, Greekgodx returns to streaming on his own Twitch channel

Greekgodx is finally back streaming on Twitch after being absent during his visit to the states where he attended TwitchCon and BlizzCon. He is now back in England and ready to return to streaming on his main channel.

It’s not the first time Greekgodx has stopped streaming for an extended amount of time and it probably won’t be his last.  Dubbed “Ditchgodx” by his viewers, Greek has a long history of failing to live up to his viewer’s requests for longer streaming hours.  Last summer he announced the Summer of IRL where he would leave his home environment and travel to Austin, Texas. 

Although Greek kept his promise of traveling to the US, he streamed very little of his adventures. Fellow Twitch streamer XQC called Greek out on this apparent letdown and called it the Weekend of IRL.

Greek Updates Fans on Twitter

In a series of tweets from Greek’s second Twitter, he sheds some light about his most recent absence from streaming.

Even though Greek streamed very little on his own channel during this time, he made special appearances on many other streams on Twitch and YouTube.  Following TwitchCon, Greek temporarily lived in Los Angeles and collaborated with other streamers including Ice Poseidon, Pokimane, and LilyPichu.  His love for entertainment was shown in a YouTube music video with Andy Milonakis. The video proves Greek is not only able to provide content at the comfort of his house, but also while rapping in the streets of LA.

Greek Collaborates with Andy Milonakis

Greek is no stranger to taking long absences from his streams, but hopefully he will regain the lost sense of joy he once showed at the beginning of his streaming career.

You can catch Greekgodx on Twitch and follow his Twitter for updates.  

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