OfficialAndyPyro Banned on Twitch

OfficialAndyPyro Banned on Twitch

AndyPyro, a Finnish streamer on Twitch, received a ban for 7 days due to self-harm.  Andy typically streams Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’sBattleground.  He’s also known for his entertaining IRL streams and engaging chat interaction. 

In the video below he addresses viewers about the cause of the ban and his plans for the future.   

Andy attributes the ban to a guitar clip that happened almost a month ago.  The ban occurred while he was streaming without any prior warning.  Andy states he was trying to perform a stunt for his stream and had no intentions to break Twitch’s terms of service.  This is Andy’s first ban in over 5 years of streaming on Twitch.

The video below is what led to AndyPyro’s 7 day ban.

Twitch Terms of Service

According to the community guidelines in the Terms of Service it states “any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited.”  Twitch staff believed enough self-harm was evident in the above clip which resulted in AndyPyro’s ban.  

Despite his one week of loss revenue from streaming, Andy was still able to find some humor in a recent Tweet he sent.

You can find Andy live on Twitch and keep up to date on his Twitter.

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