Top 10 Podcasts and Talk Shows to Watch Live on Twitch

Top 10 Podcasts and Talk Shows to Watch Live on Twitch

One might view Twitch as a platform devoted to live gaming, but there’s another category that’s been gaining traction among viewers — podcasts and talk shows.  Whether you want to keep up with the latest in gaming news, or listen to your favorite streamers talk about current issues on Twitch, there are a variety of categories sure to fill everyone’s desires.  Here are the top 10 picks for Twitch podcasts and talk shows that can be watched live.

the household podcast

The Household Podcast consists of a group of streamers dedicated to role-playing. Although they have their roots in role-playing on Arma 3 and GTA V servers, they also enjoy branching out and playing a variety of non-RP games together.  The podcast is streamed live each week where they discuss upcoming game releases that might be a part of their future streams.  The group also reacts to funny clips that were highlighted from the last week.  If you’re looking for a role-playing community on Twitch, The Household is a great community to check out.

How to Watch:  Tune in to the live podcast on Twitch on Mondays around 2 pm PT.  Also follow their Twitter for updates on exact times.

kinda funny games talk show

Kinda Funny Games provides a wide variety of talk show and podcast content that is focused on nerd culture.  If you’re looking for a daily video game podcast streamed live on Twitch, Kinda Funny Games Daily fills every need.  Their daily morning show broadens its content to movies, comics, and random topics every geek would enjoy.  The Kinda Funny Games channel on Twitch is a good podcast to check out if you desire high production value and daily content.

How to Watch:  Catch their live podcasts on Twitch where they start streaming every morning at 10 am PT.  Also follow their Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.


Castle Super Beast, formerly known as the Super Best Friendcast, is a weekly podcast streamed live on Twitch.  It is made up of two friends, Woolie Madden and Pat Boivin, who discuss gaming and pop culture news.  They also answer fan emails each week and occasionally have special guests that appear later in the show.  If you’re looking for a podcast that has a strong community built over 5 years, Castle Super Beast is a great recommendation.

How to Watch:  Castle Super Beast airs live Mondays on Twitch.  Also follow Woolie and Pat on Twitter for updates. 

the dt destiny trihex podcast

The DT Podcast features Twitch streamers Destiny and Trihex.  Each week they discuss political news and social issues.  Destiny, a former StarCraft II pro, offers a unique perspective from his nearly ten years of streaming experience.  Trihex, a former professional gamer and speedrunner, complements Destiny in his gaming background as well.  The podcast is primarily news-oriented where both streamers provide their opinions on different topics. Viewers are given a chance to have their questions asked by submitting them to Destiny’s subreddit.  If you’re looking for insightful commentary by two veteran Twitch streamers, the DT podcast is one to check out.

How to Watch:  The DT Podcast is broadcast live Wednesdays on Twitch at 10 am PT.  Also follow Destiny on his website and Trihex on Twitter.

AllCraft is a weekly World of Warcraft podcast starring Hotted, Asmongold, and Rich Campbell.  It focuses on all aspects of WoW and Blizzard Entertainment.  One of the biggest draws to the podcast is Asmongold, a top Twitch streamer known for his comedic persona and in-depth knowledge of the game.  AllCraft also has special guest appearances on the show which have included Sodapoppin, MethodJosh, and Shroud.  If you’re looking for an entertaining World of Warcraft podcast to watch each week, be sure to check out AllCraft.

How to Watch:  Catch the show live every Thursday on Twitch and follow the official Twitter for updates.

Bonus:  With WoW Classic releasing in the summer of 2019, ClassiCast is a great podcast to keep up with the news.  Watch it live on Twitch and follow Esfand for upcoming episodes.

dropped frames podcast

Dropped Frames is a weekly podcast hosted by itmeJP, CohhCarnage, and Ezekiel III. The show focuses on the quirks of being a full-time streamer and covers the most popular topics relating to gaming and Twitch.  Dropped Frames is perfect if you’re looking for a more mature community that is led by some of the top variety game streamers on Twitch.

How to Watch:  Watch Dropped Frames live every Wednesday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm PT on Twitch.

beyond the rift podcast

Beyond the Rift is a weekly League of Legends talk show hosted by Imaqtpie and Scarra.  The show covers everything League including esports, gameplay changes, and community news.  Both hosts are part of the Meme Stream Dream Team and have been playing competitively since the games release.  If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative talk show centered on League of Legends, check out Beyond the Rift on Twitch.

How to Watch: Catch the livestream every Thursday at 4 pm PT on Twitch and follow the show’s official Twitter for updates.

rajj royale podcast

The Rajj Royale Podcast offers a unique spin on talk shows by allowing a high amount of viewer interaction. The show starts out with a group of popular streamers and every 20 minutes viewers decide who to vote off the show using a strawpoll in chat until there is only one streamer left.  This creates a lot of tension and drama between guests who try to win over the favor of Twitch chat.  If you’re looking for a talk show that focuses less on gaming and more on the personality and views of Twitch streamers, don’t miss the weekly Rajj Royale Podcast on Twitch.

How to Watch:  The podcast airs live Fridays on Twitch and follow Rajj’s Twitter for updates.

Critical Role is a live Dungeons and Dragons game that is broadcast weekly on Twitch.  It is led by Matthew Mercer, a veteran Dungeon Master and voice actor.  The show is on its second campaign and stars new characters 20 years after the end of the first campaign.  Critical Role offers viewers the highest in production value and an all-star cast of voice actors.  If you’re looking for a live DnD show to watch on Twitch, look no further than Critical Role.

How to Watch:  Critical Role is broadcast live every Thursday at 7 pm PT on Twitch and remember to follow the show on Twitter.

scuffed podcast

The Scuffed Podcast is one of the top talk shows on Twitch to watch popular streamers discuss the latest news and headlines.  It is hosted by Trainwreckstv, one of the more controversial, but entertaining streamers found on Twitch.  As the name implies, the Scuffed Podcast has very little structure, but viewers can submit questions on Trainwreck’s subreddit.  The podcast stars new and recurring guests each week and is a great way for viewers to discover streamers.  If you’d like a break from all the gaming content found on Twitch and are interested in discovering some of the most entertaining personality streamers, the Scuffed Podcast is right for you.

How to Watch:  The Scuffed Podcast is streamed live Thursdays at 8 pm PT on Twitch and be sure to follow Trainwreckstv on Twitter for updates.

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