Twitch Streamer FlowLucci Stuns Viewers With Freestyle Rap

Twitch Streamer FlowLucci Stuns Viewers With Freestyle Rap

Twitch streamer FlowLucci amazed viewers with his freestyle skills on RajjPatel’s talk show.  He’s been streaming on YouNow for over 2 years and has recently made the switch to Twitch.  To grow his viewers he guest starred in RajjPatel’s Tinder talk show.  As a result of his incredible freestyles he won over the hearts of the girls and gained the interest of over 15000 fans watching the livestream.

FlowLucci takes freestyling on Twitch to the next level. He engages chat by allowing viewers to type random words and uses these in his lyrics. He also competes with the speed of Eminem’s “Rap God” as shown in the video below.  Above all its the years of experience of freestyling on stream that keeps viewers glued to his channel.

Raided by Keemstar

This is not the first time a popular internet personality put FlowLucci in the spotlight.  Two years ago Keemstar tuned in to one of his YouNow streams.  He said FlowLucci was one of the best freestylers he’s ever heard on the internet.  

Two years later Keemstar sent out this tweet.  He was searching for a small-time streamer to raid.  He happened to choose FlowLucci as the lucky streamer for his 2.5 million followers to view.  As a result FlowLucci saw a huge influx of viewers and subscribers to his Twitch channel.

Rising Popularity

FlowLucci is making waves across social media from Keemstar and RajjPatel’s publicity.  He’s racked up over 30,000 views on Twitter and has quadrupled his follower count on Twitch.  He’s also made appearances on YouTube compilations and risen to the top of subreddits. With a little bit of help from popular streamers and a lot of hard work on his own, FlowLucci has made the transition from YouNow to Twitch possible.

You can tune in to FlowLucci on Twitch and follow his Twitter for updates.

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