Twitch Streamers Play The Anthem VIP Demo

Twitch Streamers Play Anthem VIP Demo

The VIP demo for BioWare’s Anthem released today and it topped the charts on Twitch with over 300k streamers. Despite several issues with players unable to load the game¬†they were eventually able to get a glimpse of the demo. Some of the top streamers who played the game included CohhCarnage, Lirik, DrDisRespect, and Shroud.


CohhCarnage a top variety streamer on Twitch expressed mixed reviews while playing Anthem. One of the main problems he addressed was how bad the controls for the flight system was on the PC. The flight system is one of the leading draws to Anthem since it allows players to fly around like Iron Man in the game. The developers not addressing the flight controls before releasing the demo surprised him.

Although feedback on the flight system was negative he did describe some features that went above expectations. These included the use of abilities, gunplay, game performance, and graphics.


Lirik is another variety streamer who played the game to an audience of thousands. During the stream he stated “the trailers made the environment look better.” He believed the lighting and fog shown in the trailer were “incredible” but felt the demo lacked these details. This reveals the demo did not live up to his expectations.

However Lirik does acknowledge there are some graphics in the game that impressed him. These include the city at the beginning of the demo and the facial animations. His overall opinion is that the game looks good but thought it would be better based on the trailer.


DrDisRespect a notable Fortnite and Black Ops Twitch streamer also played Anthem. He continually critiqued one gameplay aspect in his playthrough. He states “I don’t like the overheat function and I feel like they should just take overheat out.”

The overheat function refers to the time limit on the flight mechanic in the game. Instead of giving players unlimited flight time, there is an overheat meter which depletes when used.

In the full release of the game, players can upgrade the flight mechanics to allow longer flight times. It will be interesting to see whether DrDisRespect’s opinion changes once he plays the full game.


Lastly Shroud a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro brought his own insights during his stream of Anthem. He said the game exceeded his expectations, but also “games like this never last.” He believes people can only grind for so long until they are able to get the best loot. Once they have the best loot they can defeat the hardest levels and complete the game.

Shroud believes Anthem won’t keep players engaged for an extended time. He views it as a game players will pick up and play but won’t go back to it after its completed.

Anthem has received mixed reviews from streamers on Twitch. Although most expressed some level of praise while playing the game, all offered their own critiques. Hopefully developers address some of the problems found in the demo before the game is officially released.

The demo will be playable for everyone on February 1 and the full game will be available February 22.

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